If You’re a Triathlete you Need to Read This!

When you’ve already completed the swim and cycle it’s vital that you run with maximum efficiency without losing the dynamic movement that will create the speed you require.

Triathletes are becoming increasingly aware that the race can be won or lost on the run and are now taking the detailed approach often only associated with the swim and cycle.

Using the unique ViMove technology we are able to analyse your running dynamics, including, ground reaction force, acceleration during stride, ground contact time, cadence, vertical displacement and stability of the knee, this information is given per leg so it’s possible to get a clear understanding of your symmetry and balance of movement as you run, this will maximise your efficiency and reduce your chances of injury during training and competition.

Used in conjunction with video analysis of the whole of the body we're able to understand the changes in technique needed to maximise your performance.

The reports we produce on your gait analysis are perfect for recovery and rehabilitation if you're injured. We specialise in working as a multi-disciplinary team, creating the best possible approach for success. If you're going to get that PB it’s vital you have the best possible team around you using good information and communication.

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