Case Studies

Alison Traversoni

Alison suffered with a weak wrist for 5 years before being referred to Spencer. Watch her video testimonial to find out how Alison's 5 year problem was solved within an hour at Peak Performance.
- Alison Traversoni, a Peak Performance client

Colin Oswald

Colin recently experienced a back injury lifting up a box. Having found no resolve through visiting his GP, he solicited Spencer for help. Find out how Peak helped Colin with what turned out to be a slipped disc and trapped sciatic nerve through Physio sessions and help with getting a proper referral for an MRI scan.
- Colin Oswald, a Peak Performance client

Kailash Mistry

Kailash had a terrible pain in her ankle which was preventing her from doing her profession as a Yoga teacher. Within 5 weeks of a 7 week programme at Peak Performance, her problem had stopped holding her back. She continues to use Peak to strengthen and improve other parts of her body and general well being today.
- Kailash Mistry, Yoga teacher and Peak Performance client

Malcolm Freeman

Malcolm is a keen amateur football player who approached Peak Performance initially due to a footballing injury on his left calf. After having gone through some tests it was diagnosed, previously unknown to him, that his right side was misaligned. A programme set up by Peak saw Malcolm return to football and see improvements in his performance.
- Malcolm Freeman, Amateur footballer and Peak Performance client

Lynn Bayliss

Lynn is a cyclist who approached Peak Performance for some assistance in preparing her for a big race from Lands End to John O'Groats, Through a programme involving rollers and nutritional advice her cycling performance has been notably improved and her weight reduced.
- Lynn Bayliss, Cyclist and Peak Performance client

Matt Ewer

Matt has been involved in sports since the age of 5 and was beginning to feel the strain in the form of back pain, ankle issues and an achilles problem which were getting in the way of doing the things he loved. Matt had seen sports masseurs and various physios, but the big difference came when he approached Spencer, who not only fixed his issues but also identified the root causes of them and advised Matt on how to avoid them.
- Matt Ewer, Sportsman and Peak Performance client