Which One Do You Spend Most Time As? I’m No.3

MindfulnessDo you have a happy balance in your life? It is one thing to say that I am in a relationship, have a family and a job, but does that bring happiness to your life? I would say that it brings a whole lot of issues which are constant, can be stressful and which in turn can leave your life like being on a rollercoaster.

My aim is to look at you, no one else, just you. Time to be a bit selfish...

The Oxford English Dictionary states that being 'selfish' is 'Caring to much about oneself, and not enough about others'.

It also says that the very notion of 'self', is ones basic nature, your own welfare or interests. If your self is not able to adapt to change, it can very quickly become damaged and

I will show you how to deal with these changes, and how you can adapt. In each of us, we have 3 separate entities,  a Parent, an Adult and a Child:

  1. Parent - The Parent tells us what to do, how and when to do it, can be bossy, but can be loving and caring.
  2. Adult - The Adult makes sense of things, rationalising and deliberating. It also aims to keep the parent and child out of trouble.
  3. Child - The Child likes to have fun and laugh, but also deals with fear and anxiety. If you have a fear that you cannot rationalise, that will be from your child.

Join me next time when I'll be focusing and exploring the 'Parent'.