Which Type of Parent Are You?

The Parent

How many times have you heard yourself repeating the words your parents used to use when you were a child ?

Do you say to yourself 'My Mum said that to me when I was a child, and
now I am saying it'...

...don't panic, it's quite normal.

The Parent in you can be bossy, argumentative, and fiery, but can also be loving and caring. Don't panic, that is quite normal, you see the parent has essentially got 2 traits, Nurturing and

The Nurturing Parent is loving and caring, takes care of you, and reassures you when you are afraid.

The Critical Parent tells you what to do and when, it will also tell you when to say 'please, thank you, yes and no.

As a Counsellor, I would look at which 'Parent State' you spend the longest in, and see how that effects the rest of your life. Little changes can bring big results.

Don't let your life be ruled by the past, tomorrow is a new day.