2 Essential Exercises You Should Do When You Workout

Wiper hardA strong mid-section (or commonly referred to as the 'core') is essential for physical function and robustness (injury prevention). Here are two of my favourites (but not necessarily the best) for strengthening that all-important area of the body.

#1 - The Windscreen Wiper

This is a great place to start if you're new to rotational abdominal training. With many spin-off exercises the basic 'wiper' is floor-based with the legs in one of two positions depending on your level of conditioning (see below). However, we find most people are fine starting with the vertical leg position even if they can only manage 2 or 3 to start with.

Typical Reps/Sets: Aim for 10 each side then aim for speed; 2-3 sets will be enough

NOTES: Swing legs to each side as fast as possible making sure you 'brake' before hitting the floor. You can use a med ball or similar as a feedback marker (see video)

- Easy Position                                                  - Hard Position

Wiper easy  Wiper hard

#2 - Med Ball Slam

Again, not necessarily the 'best' exercise but in my opinion certainly one of the simplest, most fun and entertaining; but don't be lured into thinking it's easy! On the contrary, the slam can be used in high intensity full-body workouts for metabolic adaptations (fitness) as well as strength adaptations of the mid-section.

Like the 'wiper' there are spin-off exercises for the med ball slam as I'm sure you can imagine, but we're just sticking to the simple two-handed lateral wind up slam (just like chopping wood with an axe!).

Typical Reps/Sets: Aim for 10 each side; 2-3 sets will be enough; weight of ball will depend on your goals (see below)

NOTES: Use different weights depending on the goal (e.g. light (1-3kg) for speed/power; moderate (4-7kg) for strength/endurance and heavy (8+kg) for strength); oh, and just a word of warning...be careful not to hit yourself in the head!!