Post Natal Exercise & Rehabilitation

Would you like to find out how in just 7 weeks you can learn how to exercises safely and effectively in your post natal phase and avoid long term aches & pains? If so, read on…

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Whether you have had a straight forward natural delivery or a caesarean section, as you know your body isn’t quite the same after child birth. You may experience things like back ache, or joint pain or may still be struggling with things from the pregnancy such as symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) or diastasis recti. You may want to start exercising but you’re not sure what you can or can’t do or what is safe for your body. Where do you go for help to get these problems sorted? From what we have found, there is nowhere to go…but that’s about to change.

As specialists in injury rehabilitation and exercise prescription we are puttingtogether an exercise education course which is designed with the post-natal woman in mind. But even more so, it’s based on YOU as an individual – it will be specific to your needs and desired outcomes. As part of this course we are offering remedial exercises based on the outcomes of a pre-course screening (of which you will get a free report as part of my ‘Post Natal Exercise & Rehabilitation Course’)

Benefits of post natal exercise include:

  • Dealing with aches and pains and how to get rid of them
  • Education and coaching on how to do specific exercises safely to gain the best outcomes
  • Stronger & fitter body
  • Return to pre-pregnancy state, or even better!
  • Prepare for subsequent pregnancies
  • Recover from pregnancy
  • Pelvic floor strengthening
  • Caesarean section recovery
  • Core restoration
  • Prevent future injuries

I have found from speaking to numerous women from all different walks of life and experiences that there currently isn’t any support for women wanting to get back in to shape after childbirth and that every single woman I have spoken to said that they would have liked more information about how to exercise safely after pregnancy (and during! Watch this space) and to be put in contact with someone who can offer this.

So here we are!