The 4 Best Floor-Based Muscle Activation Exercises!

By Spencer Brown


Try these challenging muscle activation exercises as part of a warm up of corrective exercise regime to really get your muscles 'charged'. Muscle balance is very important for physical function without dysfunction and by incorporating these into a weekly programme will keep you in balance for optimum performance.

#1 – Hip Bridge (20 up/down, 10 single leg x 3, 20 up/down)





*Make sure your feet, knees and hips are in line

*Make sure your feet are straight & do not move


Hip Bridge (double)


*Lift the hips so you’re in a straight line




Hip Bridge (single)


*Single leg version – focus on good hip height & make sure they’re level


#2 – Static Hamstring (30 sec hold x 3 with 10 sec rest between)





*Pull toes towards shin bone, keep the feet pointing straight upwards & maintain foot, knee & hip alignment



Static Hamstring



*Raise the hips 6″ (approx 15-20 cm) off the floor

*Make sure the chair does not move backwards



#3 – Outer Leg Raises (20 up/down & 20 Circles)

IMG_0231 copyIMG_0232


*Make sure you’re in a straight line before you start





*Keep the top of the foot horizontal (important!) otherwise you’re activating another muscle group

*Be careful not creep the leg forwards or rotate the hips when lifting the leg



#4 – Inner Leg Raises (20 up/down & 30 sec holds x 3 with 10 sec rest)



*Keep the body straight & the hips perpendicular (i.e. not tilting forwards/back)






*Keep the knee straight as possible & the foot horizontal



Spencer Exercise (04 of 32)Spencer Exercise (03 of 32)

*30 sec holds – keep leg as high as possible