Product Description
Product Description

Every week tens of thousands of adults take to sport for enjoyment, fitness and wellbeing. They are supported by thousands of volunteers made up of officials, coaches, and people who just love sport who wish to provide coaching. Sports clubs and National Governing Bodies provide an in-depth coaching development pathway for these volunteers to provide the next generation of International stars, and coach the fundamentals of many sports. There are however, holes in the information that is provided by these institutions, these gaps include how to:

  • identify and reduce injury risk
  • reduce injury incidence and reoccurrence
  • instruct good movement patterns and correct dysfunction
  • correctly prescribe conditioning (fitness) training

Injury Risk Screening is a tried and tested way to protect all active people from sustaining unnecessary injuries whilst taking part in recreational sport and activities they love and enjoy.

This package includes:

  • Injury risk screening using our tried and tested and proven Performance Deficit Test (PDT)
  • group analysis (including video analysis)
  • results consultation explaining what the test results mean
  • written report sent to you within 3 days
  • On-going reports and analysis of progress