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Pain and poor mobility issues are responsible for 1000s of unnecessary joint operations each and every year, and what we find time and time again is that in most cases there's an underlying cause that hasn't been identified.

What this means is that people have to avoid doing the things they love and enjoy, and can spend days, months and even years in pain.

What would it mean to you, your family and your friends if there was a way to treat, manage and possibly eliminate your pain for good?

Well in just 7 weeks you can discover how to avoid pain and poor mobility with our 'Strength & Mobility' educational programme. In just 1 hour a week you'll discover:

#1 How to maximise your yoga/Tai Chi with some little known mobility exercises

Kneeling Rotations      Kneeling Rotation       IMG_0178 

#2 The 5 most effective exercises for improving muscle activation and strength

Static Hamstring (single)       IMG_0244       Hip Bridge (double)

#3 The secrets to making your joints last a lifetime

IMG_0125                IMG_0127                IMG_0151

#4 And learn the most effective ways to move your body

 SQ rear               Lunge front                SLSQ front

Here's what others have had to say about our work...

Kailash Yoga Centre"Most of you know I had a sprain in my ankle over a year ago which gave me a lot of discomfort and pain in walking and moving around. I went through the NHS Physio sessions and it almost got back to normal. But after few months the same problem reoccurred and I was put on the waiting list for more Physio again. I discovered Peak Performance and started with their programme. Within few sessions I was walking and moving around without any pain or discomfort.


Graeme Lloyd"With the GP saying the 'best option' was to have cortisone injected into my heel, I decided to ask the guys at Peak Performance for advice and treatment. After undertaking the exercises they prescribed I was pain-free after just 1 week and still pain-free 3 months later. The strength & mobility course has been nothing short of a miracle!"  


John Fox"I have found the sessions to be fantastic not only in strengthening my ankle but for my overall body ability, resolving my balance issue I had whilst trying to play golf. The team at Peak Performance offer a unique way of looking at body physiology and I thoroughly recommend registering for their 7 week programme."       


dawn-mobbs1"I have worked with Peak Performance over a couple of years on a one to one basis and have significantly improved my strength and mobility. The training and personalised programme worked for me when other traditional forms of physical therapy failed to make a difference. I would highly recommend the 7 week programme."


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The team at Peak Performance

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