3 Simple Yoga Stretches to Release Neck & Shoulder Tension Using an Office Chair!

By Kailash Mistry

Chair Neck Pain

We all get so tense and absorbed into our office work, we forget to relax our body, which results in accumulating lots of tension in our neck and shoulders. Repeating this over a period of time spreads tension into your back and other parts of the body.

Simple Yoga stretches can help you to reduce this tension and allow you to think clearly in a state of calm and relaxed mind.

#1 Sit back on your chair and bring your awareness to your breathing. Take few deep in-breaths and out-breaths. As you continue with your breathing awareness, start rotating your neck clockwise and anticlockwise a few times. Now just relax and feel the tension shifting from your neck.

#2 Now bring your awareness to your shoulders and start rotating them by lifting them up to touch your ear lobes. As you take them back down, try to squeeze both shoulder blades together. Repeat both ways a few times and relax.

#3 Place your palms together, interlock your fingers and stretch your arms up above your head. Hold this position as you breathe deeply in and out a few times. Drop your arms and relax. Hopefully you will notice a sense of relaxation in your neck and shoulders. You can continue with your work now with much more calmness, relaxed and of happy mind. 

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